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Team : Bag Pack


Mr Arnon Phonrat

Nowadays, the trend of pets being occupied is obviously increasing, and one of them is cats. The food, bed and toy are necessary to take care of our cats. The one thing can not forgettable is "cat litter".Cat litter packaging is strength packaging to support the weight of cat litter. Unfortunately, the packages are abandoned after using cat litter.

I am a cat person. I worried every time when I put this package into the bin. Therefore, I created the transformable cat litter packaging for the bag. I upcycling them under the idea is a “Bag Pack”

Bag Pack is not for only cat litter packaging. But it can transformable into a bag by cutting at the handle area.  The handle areas are printed with “Could you reuse me” and “Just cut for new”. From two sentences make the packaging seem like speak able packaging (Speak out). It might motivate people for concerning about reusing things. I effort to design the logo pattern like pattern on the general bag to attract attention. It would be good, not less If this packaging could be a whisper but loud to make people concerned about upcycling. Rethink before throwing away.

I sincerely hope this packaging will be part of attracting the producer to concerning about packaging design to generate the upcycling packaging. The beginning of the user is not enough for the campaign of reusing and reducing. Because starting from the producer can make a wide-ranging impact.

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